Recorded in 2017 by Paul Riley, the retro sound of Point Blank harks back to the sound and feel of the 70’s. “I don’t think I set out to create a retro concept” says saxophonist Kofi, “But it’s mostly what I hear in my head and also because I grew up in the 1970’s, the music of that era which I love is deeply rooted within my musical ear.”

London Jazz News

The sight of Tony Kofi picking up baritone sax never fails to produce a tremor of excitement – and on Point Blank, he and The Organisation fervently explore the post-bop jazz repertoire through ten choice numbers from ten artists/composers, including Wes Montgomery, McCoy Tyner, Henry Mancini and Jimmy Smith. 

Колоритный образчик качественного британского мэйнстрим-джаза. Тони Кофи, афроанглийский уроженец Ноттингема с ганскими корнями, является сегодня одним из лучших британских джазменов. Дважды, в 2005 и 2008 годах он становился обладателем джазовых премий ВВС, 

The Financial Times

 Saxophonist Tony Kofi’s credits began with the UK’s Jazz Warriors Big Band in the late 1980s. They now range from the brooding South African soundscapes of Abdullah Ibrahim to the ferocious aesthetics of The World Saxophone Quartet and Ornette Coleman.

 Wales Arts Review

No jazz festival operates without sponsorship, which is why the opening event at Wall2Wall is the formal dinner with music at Abergavenny’s Angel Hotel to acknowledge the continuing commitment of the local firm run by Alun Griffiths, the main sponsor and one of the biggest ......

The Jazz Mann

 Saxophonist Tony Kofi’s credits began with the UK’s Jazz Warriors Big BaThe saxophonist continued to hit his stride with a marathon tenor solo on Charlie Parker’s bebop classic

“Scrapple From The Apple”, a contrafact based on the chord sequence of “Honeysuckle Rose”. 

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